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Project Engineering

I.T.R. has a full range of services designed around the life cycle of the plant and therefore they include: single analysis of the needs, custom-made planning, highly qualified production and assembly of first quality.

All this is guaranteed thanks to the presence of our Engineering department and to its close collaboration both with the commercial area of the company and with the productive one.

Engineering department & Productive phase of I.T.R.


Essential and successful element of our Engineering department is our engineers staff that, thanks to the creation of a management figure for each customer (Project Manager), follows the development, production and life cycle of the plant in all its phases and so:

Pre- project: Primary phase where our technicians make a series of assessments at the factories of the customers to estimate the practicability, the best positioning of the line and above all eliminate obstacles that can be of impediment during the operating planning phase. In this phase are extremely important all the definitions of the uses like: electric energy, availability of hydraulic lines and of compressed air and above all definition of the new brickworks that must be performed or modifications at the existing factory.

Planning layout: Tecnichal phase, essential for the engineering area that takes care to develop all the layout of the process line divided into the different treatment lines, with the objective, once confirmed the all with our customer, to proceed with the production and assembly phase of the complete line.

Productive phase: Production phase where they are started the production and assembly processes of all the main parts of the line following in very operative way the input deriving from the engineering department and using only material of high qualitative level.

Testing and assembly: Final phase before the kick-off where the main parts of the line are tested and, only after having passed the internal test, ready to be delivered to the customer where I.T.R. takes care of all the assembly and definitive start up phases of the plant.

Assistance and after sale: Last, but of essential importance, is the customer service of I.T.R. which allows to offer to all our customers an assistance service aimed to the management of the problems deriving from the plants, besides develop solutions always aimed at the customer's growth.


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